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Subject: in order to greet
This article emphatically recommended thank sina emotional BBS home page the day before yesterday, [url=][/url] got a phone call from my work outside my nephew, said he would come back today to see me this big uncle he was five years old, the main reason is that he find a girlfriend, very beautiful and very gentle, want to come back to get married.
Congratulations for my nephew on the phone, I was reminded of our generational is different, but the age difference is not big, I often play with him when I was a child, he is also the most listened to me, since the childhood always follow my advice, what his parents died young, [url=][/url] he was in my life, and I study together, we have become a pair of brothers, until I after work, he has to work outside, I was through the relationship to the job he was looking for.
Later, I heard that he had developed, made a small boss, live up with cars. He often give me a call, and come back every time, always the first time to see me, I always remind him, nearly 30 people, the eldest brother not small, to find a wife. Don´t want to, this time, he finally found the girl friend, and will soon be married. It´s not, today I got up very early, in order to greet my nephew, hurriedly to the hotel reserved a table, welcome to my nephew and not the door either.
At the end of the morning, I came to the hotel, because my nephew has just come to the phone is coming soon. I just got to the door of the hotel, a car pulled up next to me, has been handed down from the car call the voice of my uncle, I twist a head a see, originally is my nephew. Open the door, my nephew immediately came to my in front, followed by a beautiful young lady, he introduced me to immediately: learn at school is this, please call uncle. I immediately put me in the past, to shake hands with her. At this moment, I was shocked, this is not a lily? I found that she also was stunned, we outstretched hand along while didn´t hold together, her uncle said half the word did not say exports, nephew beside saw us, quickly ask me: you once knew?
At this moment I just return to absolute being, immediately said: don´t know, how can I learn at school to know? I just found out that she seemed where seen, mistook one for another. Me too, I feel uncle where seen, isn´t it, uncle. Learn at school to ask for my face red immediately to the ears. That is, that is, there is too much all men alike, quick, we go to eat, hungry. I get very embarrassed. Come to the hotel after sit down, my mind that year.

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