Trout fishing in B.C. Canada

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Subject: Trout fishing in B.C.
we are visiting Canada next year and are looking for some advice on fly fishing in B.C.
fly patterns, permits, rivers, licence, guides infact any help you can offer.

fishing licence (in reply to: Trout fishing in B.C.)
Apsolutely, you will need a licence first and you can get it at many places. Please, do not fish without the licence, becuase fishing police can take anything they find on you: car, fishing rods, money.... ALL - literally.

have fun

fishing in bc (in reply to: Trout fishing in B.C.)
i am from alberta and am going to bc what permits do i need to fish just for one day do i need diferent permits for rivers and lakes what is a win card how do i get one do i need one?


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