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Subject: Where to fish GTA
Hi everyone
I´m new in fishing i just want to know where can we fish near Mississauga. We went to Terra Cotta Conservation Area and we tried to go to lake simcoe somewhere around cooks bay but most of them is private property. So we end up just walking in the shore. We don´t want to ride any boat we just want to fish in shore, any suggestions?


Stoney Creek (in reply to: Where to fish GTA)
Did you try Stoney Creek, there are some good fish in that river especially at the mouth.

Where to Fly Fish in the GTA (in reply to: Where to fish GTA)
Depending on when you arrive there are a number of places to go within an easy drive of Toronto - the closest being the Toronto Islands for basss, pike and carp. If you are interested in rainbow, brown or brook trout there are lots of opportunities within a 20- 90 minutes of the downtown core with the Grand River (one of the top 10 brown trout tailwater streams in North America) being perhaps the most popular.


Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson
fishing near Mississauga (in reply to: Where to fish GTA)
Check out my website for our 3 acre trout pond in the Milton area. No fishing license is required. We have public fishing. www.fish4trout.ca 416-587-9739 We are open wknds.
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where in stoney creek can you go fishing? Does anyone know anywhere in burlington?


Fishing the GTA area (in reply to: Where to fish GTA)

Try the following link to a site posted by the ministry of natural resources.


Where to fish GTA (in reply to: Where to fish GTA)
In responses to you poor guys (or girls) out there whom are restless about not being able to go fishing because you donīt have a boat.... There are 4 places you can fish without a boat. Thanks to these productive places, now I bought a fishing boat and fishing experience is even more fantastic!

1> Causeway - that is what the local people call it. Basically people fish beside the highway 7A which cuts through the lake scugog and also separate the main lake from the fish sanctuary. This place is about 1km east from downtown Port Perry in Scugog. You can park the car beside the highway and walk about 5mins further east to get to the spot. You can fish from both side of the highway, contrary to what other people say about no fishing in a "fish sanctuary side". Iīve checked the regulation and also called the MNR office. You can fish there on both side of the highway from 4th saturday on May - November 15. Not every fish caught there can be taken home. Different species open and close at different times of the year. check the regulation i canīt explain all here.
All in all this is the best and most popular spot in Scugog and it can VERY VERY PRODUCTIVE!!! Walleyes, Largemough bass, perch, crappie and sunfish are abundant!!! Night fishing is the key to this place especially for walleye and crappie.

2> Port Perry - behind the baseball diamond field which is located on Water Street in Port Perry and just off from highway 7A. Look up in google map. During the day and into late evening in the summer, just before dark - you can fish for large mouth bass, perch and lots and lots of sunfish. My wife caught a giant 5 lb bass with just a worm on the hook on July 10, 2010 around 8:40 pm! After this we bought our first fishing boat hehehehe You can fish here for bass until Dec 15 and all year until ice forms for perch, crappie and sunfish. But likely you wonīt catch anything not even sun fish as these fish have now moved into deeper waters due to seasonal temp changes.

3> Port Perry - public boat launch area - continue driving on Water Street to the end. There you will come to a one way circle turn pike - drive around it halfway and turn right basically driving further up the street. you will see large parking areas and to the right you will see a boat launching area. In november the floating docks will be taken out but basically you can fish there from the earliest spring to ice freeze up for sun fish, crappie, bass and walleye. Night fishing here is also popular.

4> Caesarea - 15 min drive from Port Perry. Drive straight to the public boat launch area for some nice night fishing for crappie, perch, bass and walleye. You can fish here all year around.

Let me know how your day went!


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