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Subject: Fishing near Montreal
Are there any good fly fishing spots close to Montreal?

fishing (in reply to: Fishing near Montreal)
Don´t know if you are still looking to fish here in Montreal but if so, email me. I´m a local fisherman who has fished mostly on Lake St Louis. All kinds of fish here. I catch pike,walleye,Lg & Sm mouth bass,MUSKY, and the usual perch,rock bass,sun fish although I stay away from the small pan fish.Usually we get pike and bass. We fish the west end of the lake.
fishing in montreal (in reply to: Fishing near Montreal)
You can fish everywhere, since montreal is an island.
You can fish on the south shore in Longueuil, this is on the st-laurence river, you can fish in lachine in the west-end of montreal, You can fish on St-helene Island on the site of EXPO 67. But my favorite place is on the north side at the Power DAM in Montrea-Nord.
You get perch, walleye, pike, bass .
Live in ontario now for 20 years, but grew up in montreal.
Sure miss the old days, ALSO ice fishing is great there.

Montreal (in reply to: Fishing near Montreal)
Thanks Jean Piere,
I was wondering about the same.

Montreal fly Fishing in late March (in reply to: Fishing near Montreal)
Okay, I´m a warm weather person but i´m going to Montreal for work at the end of March and was wondering if it is worth bringing my fly rod or is it too cold?

I´ve never fished anywhere in Canada and would love to get any tips from flies to use to rod weight to best places to go. I would really appreciate any tips anyone can give me. Is there a goof local fly shopvto stop in at?
Thank You. David


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