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Subject: Can't remember when my Love of Hockey began

I´m trying to remember when I first fell in love with the beautiful game it was so long ago in the 1980s but can´t remember when.

I know it was in a major championship either Winter Olympics (more likely) or the Canada Cup.

What I do know is that teams USA USSR and Canada met at certain stages and the underdog won in a very tight and classic final. The thing is most people say its 1988 but if I remember correctly the USA won when I first came accross the game. So for the Olympics at least that leaves 1980 when I was 3yrs old and I know Sweeden featured in one of the matches but I don´t know if and when Canada faced the USSR

Thanks for any help you can give

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This is a such a sweet story. I also play hockey for few years and it is a special feeleing in the ring. Not sure how to decribe it but I know that all those who play it can understand.

At the beginning I didn´t like it, I used to play soccer, as my father thaught me to play soccer. Then one day I wanted to learn scating and soon starte to play HOCKEY. What a difference (wo)man.



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Yeahp Tanya

I know what you mean its beyond words and whats so great about it especially when I get the chance to play on ice or on the streets in hyde park or even watch the very few games shown on tv here in the uk is the speed and forward thinking involved oh and not to forget the lil intricate slights of hand and leg work.

I mean I love football (soccer to you) as well and my becoming an Arsenal fan came almost the same way in 1987 when they the underdogs had to beat the title favourites and league leaders Liverpool by 2 clear goals to take the title. The best everyone believed Arsenal could hope for in the match was a draw but to win the title with almost the final kick of the game. WOW!!!! And now watching players like Denis Bergkamp, Thiery Henry and think forward to just how dangerous Jose Antonio Reyes can become if he develops the thinking game brought to the club when Bergkamp came in 1994/5, I´m left amazed especially after today´s 3-1 drobbing on the Man U scum in the pre-season send-off, which has become more of a domestic super-cup final btwn the league champions and the FA cup winners.

But still hockey is the best for me its so much faster and so to has to be the thinking and teamwork; not to mention its the best way to learn to skate. I only wish there was a way to see more of the hidden skills that those boards make it difficult forthe cameras to get shots of, you know. O and what if the NHL Play-off final were just a one-off final match between the last two teams standing at a nuetral or even huge capacity national hockey rink, instead of these series of home and away matches. OOOHH!!! the pasion, the atmosphere!!!! when you know its a game were the winner takes all and hero´s are made or broken.

Sorry I´m getting carried way but that´s what my two favourite sports do to me especially when the teams aren´t filled with superstars but very talented unheared-ofs who just love playing their game at every single level, not just the physical.

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Great to know that there are other people
who love the game just as much as I do.

Thanks guys!


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