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Subject: Negotiations
It´s interesting how neither Betman or Goodenow are the public faces anymore. You don´t see them in the press at all. Both sides know the public needs a new face, otherwise they might start to REALLY dislike someone. It keeps the best possible positive spin on their positions.

But what happens if the imasse last a whole year? God, each side will need 6 more guys each. 6 more guys!!! Who would be next?

The players will immediately call Eddie Shack. "Clear the track, Here comes Eddie Shack. I cleared this track for these young men, and I´m here to make sure they get their due."

Besides, his pop shop fizzled and the banquet circuit was old before it was new.

The Owners will call that judge from the movie Eight Men Out.

"I´m here to protect the dignity of the game!!"

Besides, they fix all the games don´t they judge?

It´s ok, by that time we´ll need the entertainment value.

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