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Subject: Midget AAA 16U Goalie - immediate need, other open
Midget AAA 16U Goalie - immediate need, openings on AA teams
due to injury, we are in immediate need of starting goalie for our 16U Midget AAA Team. Last year our 16U Team placed 2nd (Silver)in USA Hockey Nationals in the AA bracket & has since significantly upgraded. We have 4 Midget Teams. Our 16U AAA Team is a National Bound Tier 1 team this year. Substantial financial aid is available. We are located in Florida & our Goalie coaching staff is 2nd to none:
> Bernie Micheals (NCAA #1 Goalie Recruiter - former Division 1 Coach (St. Lawrence)

> Al Godfrey - US Olympic Goalie Coach

> Dave Cole - NHL Tampa Bay Lightning

We have several opening at other specific levels also. (please call for additional info)

Our program has 4 Midget Teams:
(1) 18U AAA
(1) 18U AA
(1) 16U AAA
(1) 16U AA

& 5 Bantam teams
(1) Bantam AAA
(2) Bantam AA
(1) Bantam A


Tom Sullivan

This 10 month per year program is designed for the very serious player who wants to combine a five day intensive hockey training program, a private educational package at Stephen Husmann Preparatory Academy, and the Complete Hockey College Development Program. J.P. Igloo is the Taj Mahal of ice-skating facilities. The program includes 15-20 hours per week of advanced on-ice training, one hour of off-ice training per day; (weight training, conditioning, plyometrics, stretching techniques, and nutrition) and college Preparatory academics at Husmann Preparatory Academy. The Academy started with about 15 students. It had 68 students in the past academic year. 100 or more students will be the goal this year, and 81 are already enrolled for the coming term. Students billet with local families that have students in the program.

In a unique multi-grade classroom style setting, course work is completely individualized to meet the needs of the students. All students will be required to take core curriculum classes such as language arts, math, social studies (history) and science. Husmann Prep takes pride in its health and nutrition course work which is essential to the growth, development and training of the athletically gifted student. There will be on-going workshops and intense concentration in these areas consistently. Discipline is another area of training for the Husmann Prep student. In the classroom and on the ice, the student will exercise self discipline, respect for his/her teachers, coaches, family, healthy living, and most important SELF -RESPECT. Athletes training at J.P. Igloo can truly "have it all." This state-of-the-art facility was designed to meet the needs of competitive athletes both on and off the ice. Construction of a new science lab at the academy is a high priority this summer.

$20M State of the Art Facility (2) 85´ x 200´ NHL Sheets
Fully Equipped Fitness Center
On-site accredited school – Stephen Husmann Preparatory Academy
Conference and Party rooms
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Portable Lifting/Jump Harness
Fully Stocked Pro Shop
Professional Skate Sharpening and Blade Mounting
On-site restaurant – Beef O’Brady’s

The program has raised $3.5 million toward financial aid for the Academy students. Only three of the 81 enrolled students are paying full price.

Please contact me for additional information.


Tom Sullivan

Stephen Husmann Prep Acad
Still a need? (in reply to: Midget AAA 16U Goalie - immediate need, other open)
Are you still in need of the AAA 16U goalie?
16 U Goalie TIER 1 Level (in reply to: Midget AAA 16U Goalie - immediate need, other open)
My name is Ed Trombley out of Phoenix, AZ.
I stumbled across your link on the computer.
My son,Eddie is currently playing AAA hockey,16 U Tier I here in Phoenix,AZ. The organization my son is a part of is DYHA(Desert Youth Hockey Assoc.
Currently,my son already this season has participated in 9 tournament games in net for his present team,the Phoenix Firebirds.
So far,my son is posting a 92% save percentage,along with a gaa at 2.00(18 goals/9 games)....My son last year,while 15 years of age,participated in the 40th annual Gattineau Tournament up in Hull/Quebec Canada...He placed as the #1 American goalie in the Tournament playing in only 2 games.He faced 63 shots,while only allowing 2 goals overall.Both the #1 and #2 Canadien goalies,who faced each others` teams in the championship combined,their shot total was less than 1/2 my sons`..For referance,please check out this website(kiwanismidget hockey.com).
My son is 5´11",and weighs in at 195lbs...He will be 17 yrs. old next february.
For additional referance,please contact his former coach of 2 years,Bobby Smith(1979/80 Calder trophy,Stanley Cup winner w/ Montreal Canadiens,ex-General Manager of the NHL Phx. Coyotes.My son played for Bobby for 2 seasons,with my son winning MVP Goalie of the year while participating in the the Southwest Hockey league(Rocky Mountain District).
Bobby Smith is now the primary owner of the QMJHL Halifax Moose..Also,if warranted,pleae contact ex-NHL player,JJ Daignault,as my son was his first pick overall on last years Juniour Coyotes AAA 16 U team in Phoenix.That team never did materialize,as their were some sort of management dis-agreements that had transpired,hence my son needed a team,and ended up at his present organization,the Phx. Firebirds.
My son`s present coach is Michelle Couvrette,who had played both Juniours,as well as for the WHA Phoenix Mustangs(602-481-2727)
Also,and not to take up too much of your time,please feel free to contact the General Manager of the Stouffville Spirit(Ontario Hockey Association/Junour A hockey).Ken Burrows,or head scout of same organization,Dennis Loughead.
Both of these gentleman have seen my son play.While in the Quebec tournament, my son faced 45 shots in a 2-0 loss(team pulled my son with 1 minute left,and the Orford Falcon team(which won the championship) scored an additional empty net goal..The other "winning goalie"only faced 12 shots in the game ....
They both can be contacted via their website,(stouffvillespirit.com).
Odds are,this memo is probably getting to you a little late since season has started,but it never does hurt to try !...Either way,my son,and I are both ready for my son to "move on" sorta speak,mainly to get away from the ;ocal scene.
I would appreciate hearing back from you at your convenience.
Ed Trombley
17414 North 13th Place
Phoenix, AZ. 85022
(home) 602-404-8390

edmond trombley

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