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Subject: Canadiens' LOGO
What does the H stand for in the Montreal Canadiens´ logo?
Is it Hockey, Habitants, or neither?

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I think I´ve seen this discussion somewhere on this forum already.

Glen Dariona
H stands for... (in reply to: Canadiens' LOGO)
I believe the H stands for Habitant...
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the h stands for hockey...
Canadian Hockey

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The answer is:

The C is for "Club" and the H is for "Hockey" (Club de Hockey (French)).

Go Habs Go!

The truth
H on "Habs" sweater (in reply to: Canadiens' LOGO)
obviously, since the Canadiens ("C") are also nicnamed the "Habs" ("H"), the C & H stand for:

Les Habitants Canadiens.

The term "Canadian" comes from "Canadiens", which comes from the word Kanada or Kanata, meaning village. The first "Canadians" (prior to the existence of the Dominion of Canada - our country, which was established in 1867 by the British North America Act) were the inhabitants (les habitants) of New France, who established a colony for France that thrived off of the St. Lawrence river (and its shores). Because the French thought this land was called Kanada, the original French settlers were called les Habitants Canadiens. It should come as no surprise then that O, Canada was originally written in French.

Because Montreal owes its existence to the Habitants Canadiens, and much of Canadian history started in Quebec along the shores of the St. Lawrence, the team is called Les Canadiens de Montreal. The ´H´ is homage to the long-form used to describe the first French settlers, "Les Habitans Canadiens".

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Nicely said montrealer.

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this is somewhere else in the forum, and in the other thread someone had it right. the "h" in the logo stands for hockey, the "c" for both canadien and club. club de hockey canadien. back when it was an "a" in the logo it stood for athlétique.
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The H stands for les "habitants"
Montreal Canadiens Logo (in reply to: Canadiens' LOGO)
The ´H´ stands for Hockey and ´C´ stands for club. The Montreal Canadiens are officially known as Le Club De Hockey Canadien. In English Canada, they´re know as the Montreal Canadiens.

The ´H´ does not stand for Habitants. Les Habitants or The Habs is a nickname for the team. Just like The Flying Frenchman is a nickname.

If you want, you can check out these web sites (online encyclepedia). (
(scroll down to the FACTS section and you will see the logo info)
(read the last paragraph)

montreal "habs" (in reply to: Canadiens' LOGO)
I was recently lucky to run into patrice brisbois. The C on the sweater is for canadiens and the h is for habitants, as in les habitants the first french settlers in canada. i believe mr. brisbois to be a reliable source as he played for the habs for a very long time.
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The Montreal Canadiens, officially called Club de Hockey Canadien, are the most successful professional North American Sports franchise. Formed in 1909 as the Canadian Athletic Club, they became Club de Hockey Canadien in 1917 and were original members of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Club de Hockey Canadien is a wholly owned property of Molson Inc.

One of the most frequently asked question about the Montreal Canadiens is where does the nickname "Habs" originate.

Legend wants it that the "H" on the Canadiens logo stands for "Habs" instead of Club de Hockey Canadien. The fable began in 1924 when US reporter Tex Rickard was falsely informed by someone that the "H" stood for "habitant", a french word that in those days was used to refer the farmers of Quebec.

Rickard was told that the french players on the team came from farms and were therefore, "habitants". At the time, the Canadiens were viewed upon as the french team of Montreal, whereas the Montreal Maroons were the english team.

While the nickname "Habs" resulted from this disinformation to Rickard, the "H" in the logo has always stood for Hockey, it is taken from the club´s official name "Club de Hockey Canadien". The Canadiens are also referred to as "Les Tricolores" (the team with three colours), "Les Glorieux" (The Glorious Ones), and "La Sainte Flanelle" (The Holy Flannel).

Canadiens Logo (in reply to: Canadiens' LOGO)
The ´C´ and ´H´ stand for ´Le Club de Hockey Canadien´.
Hockey Club.

They started as the ´Le Club de Athltique Canadien´.
The logo was a ´C´ and ´A´. Athletic Club.


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