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Subject: To Sandy About IELTS
  hi Sandy,
Thanks for sharing ur experience in this forum. I also want congrad for having good score in IELTS.
I really appreciate if u answer couple of questions.
1. how hard is the Ielts exam overall?
2. which part of the exam is the hardest? hard is the reading and writing?
4.what about speaking?
5. do u think u got big advantage in listening and speaking part because of being in UK?

i am planning to write IELTS soon. i am confused which part should be more focused and how to get prepared for the test.
ur advice will be appreciated and make me greateful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hello Prince

I appeared myself in UK for IELTS in 2004 and had an overall score of 7.5. I would like to share my experience which may be useful.

1. IELTs will not be tough for you if you are already in UK and familiar with the language during education and your stay in UK. According to my experience the main thing in IELTS that you should know about each section and devise your approach how to attempt each section. IELTS is actually run against time. Try a couple of practice tests before actual test to evaluate your profecieny and as a part of prepration for the actual test. Any recent book on IELTS will help you for your prepration and anwer all the questions you have raised over here.

2. I found the listening portion difficult and confusing and scored the least (5.5). The other three portions are very straight forward. The best approach in listening will be to go over the questions which you have not heard properly or do not understand so that it should not distract your attention from the following questions. Come back latter to the questions which you have not attempted and just make a guess ( no negative marking).

3. I found the reading and writing very easy.

4. Speaking is a simple conversation with examiner on topic of general interest.

i will recommend you to study IELTS notes ( on web site and your will receive a hard copy after submission of application) and any recent IELTS book which will answer your all questions.

Kind regards


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Please do not think reading is very easy, it has some tricky questions too. Practice on reading the passages and answer questions following that and you should be okay.
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