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Subject: Sharon, Susan, group member
  Susan, Sharon,
God bless you all. Just wanted you to feel what an applicant like me feels. You know, it is really tormenting to keep waiting and waiting on a fire without even right to complain or ask about your case or status all that kind is not allowed. In my prevsious thread which I explained why I want to immigrate to Canada I said that when I saw the Canadian embassy in my coutnry I said I´ll go on immigraton even my whole life now is in hold waitng for CIC decision you know I have a lot of chances to invest here in my country now and it will double my money within 2 years, but I can´t do it coz they may send me a letter in any time asking for bank statment and I don´t want my balance to be decreased than the balance I submitted when I applied.

I have 2 kids now and wishing the third but I´m in hold here coz I want to see how it will be like in Canada if we could get it. You know it is really painful to be in hold in every thing and simply and suddenly you could get a letter that will end your life and file forever with CIC and your case get refused despite the money I have paid to apply.

Sharon, we like Canada as I explained and I appreciate their decision if they reject my case, they are the people who know whose is good for Canada and who is bad. All I ask here is God will give me patience coz endless waiting is really painful and horrific. We are as well very sad for 9/11 don´t think that anybody in the world is happy for that. I want a united world with love and peace and bright future for our children.

Plz wish me and the members luck in immigration process because some of us is in hold for 4 years now with no answer.

God bless Susan, Sharon, all group member

Romantic Warrior
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