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Subject: Vistors Record
  My wife is sponcering me to canada. We are doing a out of canada application. I have a son (6 months old) also who lives with my wife in canada. I am attending school in Bellingham. Can i live in canada with my wife and son and travel everyday to school and back. Immigration issued me a vistors record but it does not permit re- entry. Should i go back to immigration and try and get a vistor record that permits re- entry?
Ryan S.
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yep I guess you could, I bet you are American citizen, this should not be a problem.
I know quite a lot people communting between Bellingham, WA and Vancouver , B.C

departure bay
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Hey DB,

this Ryan dude is not an american citizen. if he were, he would not have had any problem going back and forth between canada and the U.S..

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