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Subject: 2nd chance?
If a spouse did not pass the interview, and is refused in an out of Canada sponsorship, can a second chance interview be requested or an interview with the other party in Canada be done?
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If you were refused, I´m sorry to hear that. This you will not like to hear, but I believe the only thing you can do next is appeal the decision and this, from what I hear, is a more painful process and about the only process other than starting over and re-applying.

Good-luck in what ever you do and don´t let CIC get you down.

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You can request it, but they´re under no obligation to reconsider once a decision has been made. You do have the option to appeal, but as Timothy said, for the time and money you´ll spend (sometimes up to 2 years), it´s easier to re-apply, if you know the reasons he was refused, try to correct them in your 2nd application.

I speak from experience, we´re on our 2nd out-of-Canada application now... only we never made it to the interview stage with our first.

I´m sorry you have to go through this. Good luck.


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