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Subject: Living in Canada

My husband and I have been living in England since long and are now considering relocating to Canada for good.

We submitted our details on one of the immigration sites and scored the pass result. Before we process our paperwork like everyone we have a question in mind, what are the job opportunities in Canada?? we are in good positions in UK.

We want to live somewhere sunny so probably would consider areas in and round Vancouver.

Thanks in advance.

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it sounds like the west coast is your most likely destination. We are desperately short of trades people. We have the 2010 Olympics coming and not enough skilled labour to build it. Commonwealth trained medical experts as well. What kind of work are you interested in? have a look at
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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your prompt reply. My husband works as Knowledge Officer with Ernst&Young while I work as a Business Manager with the local council.

I will try and go to the website you mentioned.


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