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Subject: Answers for Optimas!
  Optimas looks like our 2-way chat is going to take up all the space or get lost and no one might read your post.

My dear fellow potential immigrants, please answer the following doubts:

1) Are certain people exempt from submitting RCMP?

2) "Do not submit RCMP, FBI reports etc unless instructed", is that because it is valid only for 6 months?

3) If there is a request for medicals but no request for RCMP, is that an indication for bypassing the RCMP request?

Optimas please do add to the questions or rephrase them if required.

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Hi mmm_doughnuts,

I just got some answers from another forum. The experts said that CIC now verify applicant´s security background in Canada (i.e. RCMP certificate) by "electronic name check". That means if no request for RCMP, you´re already passed and ok to go to next step (medicals, PPR....etc). So in my case, I don´t need to submit it unless requested at a later time.

Hope this helps.

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Great news.
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