Importance of AOR letter ?

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Subject: Importance of AOR letter ?
  I never got an AOR letter, however from the confirmation of cheques (application fee) I got my file number which I checked in e-client and confirmed with my name appears up top.

I am in the march 2005/AOR pool and since it´s been a while I´m just curious if I should ask for the AOR letter? I don´t see any need of it, but since I´ve never seen one I just don´t know what good is it for besides knowing your file number (which I already got through another means listed above).

Someone said it has a fax sheet as well which one can use for any address change or so....which surely i don´t have, but again my question is if it has something that important that I should ask them to send me one?

I´m hoping to get my IA somewhere in the range of Dec 05 to Feb´06.

Any suggestions?


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AOR is important in the sense that it is CIC´s communication/confirmation of your file number. However, since you have a copy of your file number (from your receipts?) and have verified it from e-cas, I think your file number is authentic.

I think asking for a copy is not really that important. I notified CIC about my change of address by a simple letter. I did not use the forms that came with the AOR. I also believe that you can use other form of fax sheets or a simple polite letter to communicate with them...the most important thing is that in every letter/fax you are going to send to not forget to write your file number....don´t worry too much about it....

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Joe thanks for taking time and posting a detailed reply to my query. I really appreciate it!!
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I wouldn´t worry about it myself. Do keep us posted when
you receive your IA. My AOR is also March 05 and the intial 36 week period is getting over on Nov 24.


what should i do now ? (in reply to: Importance of AOR letter ?)
I had sbmitted my for federel skiled immigration process in 27 july 2008 and the on 16 august 2008 they had send me a receipts letter and have mentioned in that letter , that they had created a provisional file for me and have given a file number. But i could not use the file number to identify my file status in website (WWW.CIC.GC.CA)They also mentioned that "because no instruction have issued by the minister as yet,we are not able to inform you at this time whether, and how your application might be affected.

Could you give me any suggesion regarding this issue? what should i do now ? please let me know.


what should i do now ? (in reply to: Importance of AOR letter ?) (in reply to: Importance of AOR letter ?)
I think this may help.
This link will take u to the page, where they talk about new chnages made to the process.

Good luck with your application!

Processing Time (in reply to: Importance of AOR letter ?)
Dear Sir,

I just want to share something to you for your further comment.

I had a friend in canada who told us lately that she met an immigrant who just arrived there a couple of months ago, and told her that their application was filed on april of 2005, and they were approved and given with the visa last february of this year. I remembered that embassy still processing the application filed on the last quarter of 2004 and in our case, we need to expect it a year from now.

Please give us your views about it.

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i am applying as an immigrant to canada as skilled worker through SINP Program. i submitted my application on September 27 and i got my AOR number on October 20. i´m in Indonesia and i have a representative in canada. i´m just curious what´s gonna happen after this and how long is the process.
and do i need to get the AOR myself instead of just knowing the number?
thanks for the response

Eva Nathalia Sinurat
Hello (in reply to: Importance of AOR letter ?)
I had sent my application to CIO,Sydney last november under post 26th June 2010 procedure.

1.How long does it takes for me to receive my reference number?
2.What should i do next?

thanks and look forward to hear from you soon.


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.I have applied canada migration feom India.and I have got my file number on 1st september 2011.when i will receive my AOR ?I have submitted my ielts which i have wrote in november it stay valid throughout the procedure?

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