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Subject: CIC london Interview!!
  Can anyone pls tell me how long it takes for CIC to schedule an interview once u receive your IA stating interview is required. I got mine October first week and when i asked CIC through email they said that my interview date is yet to be scheduled. ANYONE applied to CIC london and got the interview kindly let me know the time frames........hoping to hear from someone

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Would you please share your timeline? And how did you know that interview is required?

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normally we be 1month later after you are required to attend a interview.
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Usually it takes 4-6 months for an interview to be scheduled after receipt of IA (ie. if interview is not waived). The notice for the interview schedule date is between 30-60 days from date on which notice is served
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What is your timeline?

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Hi guys

Thanks for all that information....Hoping that i will get my interview date scheduled in a couple of weeks time.

My timlines

Applied Dec 03
AOR Feb 04
IA(IELTS & proof of relatives) May 05
Submitted July 05
Interview required Oct 05

Now waiting......

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