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What do the acronyms CLB/SLC stand for in the language level explanations?
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Canadan language Branchmark
there is detail explaination on

departure bay
language TEST (CELPIP) (in reply to: language levels)
Hi All,

I was requested to provide proof of the english language proficiency. I accordingly took the CELPIP ( the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index..).

I scored 4H in reading $ litstening, 4L in writing and 3H in speaking parts of the test. On the test score certificate, it shows that 4H and above are 4 points whereas 4L and 3H are 2 points when converted to the CIC way of assinging scores. So, did I score 12 out of 16?

If there is anyone who has taken the CELPIP, would you please iform me how it actually works.


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Yes you scored 12 out of 16.

I suggest that you re-appear in CELPIP and try to get atleast 4H in all the sections.

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