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Subject: parents
I am new immigrant in canada.Is it possible to get my parents permenant residence or not. How can I also get my brother s less than 18 a permanant residance in canada with me. Is it possible if yes what is the steps?

Thank you for your cooperation

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you must sponsor them. see cic website for details. Your brother must remain a student and a dependant of your parents to be included in the application.

There is a significant wait currently for parental sponsorships - about 2-5 years depending on your home country.

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Is it hard (or long wait time) to bring parents under tourist visa, like, for six months in Canada?
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Hi Ahmed,

Please visit the following link to get detailed information about process of sponsoring your parents.

Your brothers will be added to the application as dependents of your parents. Please read the guide (Page 5)to find out who qualifies as a dependent child.

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Ye syou can subject to CIC conditions which are mainly your employment, financial status, and their medical and security checks.

Please ref to CIC web site , famliy class section and you will find the famliy class manual that will tell you all the details.

There is one manual for spouse and the other is for the rest of family memebers, use the second.

Good Luck

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if You want to sponsor ur parents make sure have stable income for the last 3 yrs i.e. if u sponsor ur parents 12/12/05 they will compare ur income between 12/12/04 - 12/12/05 best of luck

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