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Subject: Doubt on Police Certificate
  Dear folks,
I have a doubt on Police certificate. Since I have stayed in different countries , I didnot send Police certificates from each country when I first submitted my application. Still , I got file number and the CIC has started to process my application. My doubt is that , if i submit the Police certificate now , how long is it valid? I dont want to resubmit it again if it gets expired since CIC takes long time to process skilled worker application.So what is the best time to submit it to CIC . Kindly respond to my querry since it is so expensive to get Police certificates from each countries since I have lived in different countries and I donot want to submit one now and then resubmit again if it gets expired later during the process.
Thanks in advance,

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if they want something they will ask u but to get them also takes a long time so i dont wats the best way to go abt it
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hey Syd,
Police Certificate (INDIAN) normally espires after 6 months and u need to give it latest, but i think it must be applicable for current resident country only. other PCC (different country) may not have expiry date as you are not living there. i am not sure abt it. do confirm. In my case i submitted PCC at the time of application and than they ask for new one at the time of interview only.
Good luck.

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