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Subject: Experience in different field
  Hi All,

I am in USA since 4 years. I have completed my masters in Comp science. I have past experience in Field of Mechanical as Technician and right now i have experience of 2 years in IT as programmer analyst. I would be get 67 points if i consider my past experience. Can my both experience in different field would consider and should i get points for this or Not?

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nope ,could get points but depends on ur claim

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How can i claim as per you response. becoz i talk to few consulting firm says that you would get it.But i am confused . And if i apply as on today and if it takes 1 year can i update that experience and add one more year and would get some point ?
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Hi Sam70,

It does not matter if your education and experience are in different fields.

You can get points for the work experience as long as the experience is in the category of Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC). See link below for details


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Yes, you can claim your full exp regardless of your education.

Caryy on

Good Luck

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