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Subject: Refusal
  what are some of thr reasons for refusal on a spousal app., I can understand if the person has a police record or something like that, but when they do not, how exactly does CIC find a marriage to be genuine or not?? Many genuine marriages don´t have alot of pics or a big wedding etc., many non-genuine marriages in the case of people doing the favour for money or for a friend do up big weddings and lots of pics. So how do they determine this??? Do they refuse many people due to non-genuine marriage? I am not sure how they can prove this??
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Do you have a non-genuine marriage???
They know what to look for and what questions to ask.
They are very good at finding out.
If you are not in a genuine marriage, reconsider applying.

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No this has to do with people I know, a friend of mine married a guy for 5000.00 and he was just landed last year, then another friend in a genuine marriage´s husband got refused, give me a break they don´t know, it depends on the officer´s belief, thats why it´s not fair
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what are the alternatives? A CIC officer is hired to make a decision based on the information provided. Sometimes they get it wrong. The alternative is to not allow spousal sponsorships at all! I doubt that anyone here would find that acceptable.
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I just gave my copy of my married certificate. I´ve never send my pics or other paper. as a result I got interview waived.
so if you have copy of REAL married certificate, you should be fine.

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the alternative would be to allow spousal sponsorship only after two or three years of marriage with right of work in the mean time.

The current system is a joke. How can an officer decide if a marriage is genuine based on pictures? I´m not saying that the rest of documents are not important. they should all be screened based on them. But, what´s the reason to ask for pictures? to see that the applicants really exist?
I can go tomorrow and rent tuxedo and bride dress, take pictures with the digital camera´s time set in the past and print them. I can call 50 friends to come for a party because we need people in the background and pretend we cut a fake cake. pictures don´t prove anything, other than the people really exist!

it comes only to how "well" prepared the application is. and if somebody has a fake marriage but takes time to prepare the application the PR is guaranteed.


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I like the american system. You come as a fiance or spouse and you must meet the first round of screening, then get your visa. After that you must wait 6 months to get your work permits. Then you wait another 2 year (I think) before you are legally landed. No status without the wait.

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I think they should give the spouse a 2 year work permit and if they are still together after the 2 years then grant them PR
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hey sharon, what do you think about the idea about preventing the canadian pr or citizen marrying a foreign national or abroad?

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I think the same thing should apply. you can get a temporary visa but no PR for 2 years after arrival in Canada. If you are not genuinely together... deportation
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