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Subject: Duration of PR Application-Spouse In Canada Class
  Hi, my wife (who´s a Canadian citizen) sponsored my PR application. It´s already been almost 5 months since I submitted my papers, which I would say was rather thick due to the thoroughness of the documents I supported it with. My questions are: is there any possibility that the processing time would be less than the posted standard of 6 moths, any possible real life instances of such outcome? What are the reasons for this long processing time, I mean all the documents are complete and genuine even if they verify it?
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I am doing the same case. From the website about the processing time, it says the time is 48 days. Why did your case take so long? It seems that the information on the web might be wrong.

By the way, how did you get the police certificate from China?


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Hi Doudou, I think the posted standard in the CIC site is 6 months for Spouse In Canada Class Application. You can check it at : http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/times/index.html

Sorry but I´m not Chinese so I don´t have any information on the police clearance procedure from China.


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My friend, the PR processing is an enigma. From other forums I know that some people whose application is being processed in Buffalo since mid May have already received a request for passport. However, others whose application was received in Buffalo since mid April are still waiting for a letter or other form of communication. In my case, Buffalo received my application in the last week of May and I have not heard a thing from them. As you can see, processing times are highly variable and unknown.

What is frustrating is the way they handle the cases. After spending almost US $2000 in fees and other immigration- related expenses, you at least expect to hear from them about your case. It seems to me that the Canadian government is using spouse-sponsored immigrants as a source of revenue. They don´t care about customer satisfaction. If they would really care about family reunification, the fees for spouse applications should be lowered (free if possible) than other applications and the processing time should be faster.

I´m sorry, but the way the handle the spouse applications lets a lot to be desired from the Canadian government!

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