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Subject: very confused
  Hi everybody,
I have been visiting this forum for a long time and today I have decided to post my own situation although I am a little embrassed for wrong steps that I have taken. I went to canada from US in 2002 and applied for refugee claim which was denied in May 2003, I appealed and then made the biggest mistake of my life; I tried to cross US border from Canada, I was arrested at US border and then released on bond, currently I am in removal proceedings here in US.
I have a bachlers degree in computer science from a Univ in Chicago and comp. cert.´s I also have a little more than a year of experience. I want to apply on skilled base for Canadian immig. is it possible?
I believe my refugee case is still opened in canada. And also security clearance from FBI might show my arrest at border (not sure).
I am sorry for being so long but I will really appreciate any advice,
Thank you

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If they finger printed you...then it would show in FBI records. I am not sure how serious is immigration crime.
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You may or may not get replies that may give you hope in this forum, but what you really need is professional legal advice.

And I´m guessing this is the wrong place for it.

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I do have nothing to loose man. Talk to a professional/Lawyer. They are not always bad as we think. There are very good out there.

Good Luck!

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I was also denied refugee status in Canada. I was thinking about going back to US too. But after reading your story i have more to think about.
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