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  How many of you are planning to go back to school for higher education just in case the job scene doesnt work out in Canada? Two universities that I have looked into are the University of Toronto and the University of Manitoba. I looked into living expenses in the Toronto area and the University of Toronto website mentioned $1,898 total per month (married couple without dependants) and $ 1,648/month in Manitoba. For those in Canada, what do you think? Do the living costs seem reasonable?
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For a couple; you may be able to squeeze a further of 200-250 dollar (which may be diffcult), but the figures are about correct.
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Thanks for the feedback Starwars. Slashing 200-250 dollars would be great :-)
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if i end up going there, i already plan to go back to school regardless. i´m not wasting time. we all know what the job scene is.
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hey, even I have a full-time job already, you know what? I only makes about less than 20k a year. You will never own house or marry with those amount of money!!!!

Once I got PR, I will take student loan and go to study RN!! at least RN starts from 20bucks/hour

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living expense all depends on person, for example,if you own car, of course you have to pay another min 300 bucks more per month.

I live in a small town on Vancouver Island. Still, I spend more than 1000 dollars month, rent, car, insurance, grocery, everything. I live by myself. I believe big city will be even more. However you can save money by taking bus

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What is RN?
Arent you a student already in Canada

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yep, I graduated and have a degree in Bachelor of tourism management, well, I will tell you, even though there are a lot of jobs ready to be there. Once you have done your degree, I simply don´t wanna work for 10--15 dollars/hour. Man!! I am 24 years old, soon gonna get 30, need mortgage house and get married!!!!!! you make 15dollars/hour, how can you buy a house and have kids????

I am young, I can have another career too,
RN=reigstered Nursing.

I think they need male nurse like me, I wanna be next Gaylord Focker

departure bay
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Damn yeah, I´m going to study. Don´t want kids but don´t wanna make $10/hr with a Master´s from the UK so am applying to do an MSc here in a job that´s well respected and for Canada, very well paid! It´s also got tons of vacancies... Won´t mention the job itself though. I don´t really see why people move here, can´t practice what they do and then stay in those crappy jobs. Should have planned it better before you came!
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Thx, for all the info DB and all the inputs by others. DB, the RN program is a great idea. 2010 is the crucial year for North America in terms of RN jobs. Especially in the US they are going to face an acute shortage, Iam sure the same applies to Canada. Good luck with your endeavour!
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