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  hi all,

i´ve applied from new delhi. i know that it might take around 5 yrs although i know someone who had it in 30 months from new delhi. anyway, i want to reach canada before getting the PR via work permit. so i need to know the IT industry scenario there & how much salary should i expect with 6-7 yrs of IT experience? thanks in advance.

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Arindam, try this website:

Iam not from the IT field but I do hope that someone in this forum can provide more insight.Good luck!

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depends on which sector of the industry, what city (big/small) and how good you are at what you do. You will have a lot of talented competition.

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What is your expertise in IT?
Specific Skill Set?
How many years of experience do you have?
Is this experience in any of the companies we have heard of?
Where did you get your Bachelors at?
Was it in Eng. or CS?

These are the specific information you need to let us know before we can give you any idea of the chances and salary.

Another good way is to try and come to Canada or US on a contract term to experience the work environment yourself.
Then you can decide if Canada or US are good for you or you are better off in India.
There are a lot of Indians who come to US and Canada on 6-12 months contract work; so that is easier than the regular permanent job.

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stay in india. you will have more opportunities than canada in IT.

believe me lot of IT people are crying and at the end they ended with odd jobs!!

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Hi ,

I just visited canada before two days and meet lots of people and belive me situation is not great as you think. Dont be in hurry if you have better job in india.

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