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A friend of my friend is a well qualified professional and is intersted to immigrate to canada under the skilled worker category. The problem is her health situation-she is HIV positive but healthy and kicking well. Her friend told me that she is not sure if the application is even worth trying. There are some countries which automatically reject people with similar health status but don´t know canada´s policy. What is her chance of making it through especailly in the medical front? Any advice is appriciated?

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I think some professional advice is your best bet. I do not know HIV and its treatment has changed significantly in the last 5-10 years so it might be viewed differently by immigration. I am not sure if she should be hopeful.
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Applying not only depends upon an individual´s judgement. There are departmental considerations at the time of reviewing applicant´s medical reports at Ottawa.

The rejection or acceptance depends upon hell of medical jargans which we are UNABLE to predict unless we get into the system.

Moreover, it depends upon the intensity of the disease. The medical panel makes sure about the seriousness and impact of the disease on the canadian population. If required, the panel asks for more tests. Then considering the outcome, medical officer suggests the category (e.g., M1 trough M7) for the medical condition.

Bottomline is -
Don´t make any conclusions since you don´t know the definition of intensity and impact of the disease and the relative category for the disease (could be admissible with surveillance).

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The sad thing about your friend´s situation is that she has
to undergo the whole application process because CIC medical officers won´t evaluate health conditions of individuals unless they are applicants. Even DMPs/DMEs cannot decide on one´s health condition whether he´s admissible or not.

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