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Subject: Canada without residency
  I am a UK citizen living in the UK and have found a business in Canada (Motel) that I want to buy. The business is 235,00CAD so not enough to apply for business residency (I think). My current line of work qualifes me for the skilled workers class (after taking the free initial test).
What I want to know is do I have to wait to 18 months+ to get residency before I can buy a business and move to Canada to run it? This will mean I cannot buy the business I want as the current owners want to move quickly!

Any info would be appreciated



hazel wells
CANADA WITHOUT RESIDENCY (in reply to: Canada without residency)

We have been also looking at business for sale and we would like to know if we can buy the business and apply for a work permit ourselves as the employer for ourselves as yet we have had no joy at finding out whether or not we can do this. Have you had any luck in finding out any information?
Regards Kay and James

Kay and James Leaper
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