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Subject: Today's Announcement!!!!!
This is it!!!!

Check it out!!!

What does this mean for you and me????

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Not much sense for the skilled workers, we are already having the skills and language ability to settle in Ontario.

It is primarily for the family class people who do muster 67 points due to family ties but are not skilled enough to get a decent job.


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Isn´t it obvious? It´s catering to landed immigrants - why? Possibly for votes in the upcoming election. It does nothing to clear the backlog or help people currently going through the immigration system, since we are obviously of no immediate use to them. It is a calculated liberal move. Completely expected. To answer ur question, it does nothing for you and me (who are not yet landed immigrants).
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PR can´t vote in Federal election, therefore no immediate benefit to Federal Gov´t.

Brian, a lot of SW applicants come to Canada find that they can´t get a job in their field. There are stories of engineers, and doetors who are driving taxes in Toronto. The funding will provide funding to new SW applicants to upgrade language skills and get better access to bridging course to get back to their profession.
What CIC determined is the necessary still suitable for one to settle in Canada is not necessarily what an employer looks to determine your fit for a position.

Family Class applicants do not have to meet the 67 points and usually find it easier to settle in Canada settle in Canada because they have established ties and family members who are willing to provide for them in the way of food and shelter and job search aid while they adjust.

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I am also reading that Ontario wants more say about PR selection so they have the right match of applicants to skill shortages. Seems reasonable for everyone! Mostly, the provincial government wants money to cope with a federal immigration program. Believe it or not, they say it costs about $3,500 to settle every PR in provincial funds. That money is not offset by your application and ROLF. So if Ontario is taking in about 30% of applicants, I can see why they are screaming for some financial help.
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This speech has no connection in improving wait times and back logs at CIC offices in USA or worldwide, nor does it help speeden up the PR process, just another sham.
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To Anonymous:

Just because this new funding doesn´t further your current situation doesn´t make it a sham.

Helping immigrants settle is at least as important as the PR process itself. What was announced today is something that Ontario has been demanding for years.

Immigrants need all the help they can to get started in their new life in Canada, and were you here already, you might well have been cheering this announcement.

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Typo, you are absolutely right. Getting the PR is the easy part. We should all be cheering this announcement.
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you might wanna have ESL funding or settlment service in a remote town, otherwise people might not wanna move to there at all.

However,IMO, immigration is usually priority for provincial government, they usually wanna bargin for a little bid more fund, which is understable, and federal will do more research, more and more, end up with red tape. You can´t blame 100% for immigrants who don´t wanna move to outside of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.

You don´t build the nest, no birds wanna come at all

departure bay
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It is all pre-election hype.
It happens any time there is a possible election looming on the horizon.

Dont get too excited about it.

Have a nice day

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Let´s get some facts clear, shall we?

New immigrants cannot vote. You need to be a citizen for that. So unless the Liberals are canvassing for their votes in the 2009 (or later) elections, this is hardly a vote-buying issue, at least not in the sense that some forum posters seem to believe.

Here´s my take on it (and I suspect what the editorial writers will be saying in tomorrow´s papers):

The big reason this deal was agreed at this time is that the Liberals at the federal (national) level are trying to curry favour with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty who has been embarrassing Paul Martin with demands at every turn. Though both belong to the Liberals, they don´t exactly see eye to eye.

To get McGuinty to campaign for the federal Liberals in the soon to be announced elections, Martin had to give in to at least one of McGuinty´s major demands. And that, obviously was the demand for as much immigration funding as Quebec gets.

So there you have it. It may be a cynical move in terms of timing, but as a deal, it is a very good one for the province, for the country, and for immigrants.