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Subject: Unbelievable see this...
  I called the CIC approved doctor to get my medicals since I have my IA. There is only one doc in my city here. I was surprised to hear him say that all his slots for Canadian Immigration medicals have been booked till December end. I couldnt believe this, I live in a small city and was surprised at the volume of people who have applied to Canada for PR. So I cant get an appointment with him until December end. I probably will drive down to another city and get it there. Also how much does a med exam cost. This doc is saying it costs 355USD which is very high. Does it usually cost this much.
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I would call around. I paid for my medical in Canada for $202. with the exchange rate that´s only like $180 USD.

Good luck!

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Man, accept the fact with the US immigration screwed up
due to retrogression, all of the people who have not
received it yet or have not applied are eyeing Canada as an
alternative. I was surprized to see the number of people
who came to take the IELTS exam in september, so much so the
center has to conduct two exams in the month of Ocotber.

Immigraton to US, Canada, UK , AUS and New Zealand is most
sought after; we would be very lucky to get it, before it becomes way more complex in the coming years.


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Hi Anonymous,

What state/city are you?

For my family of 7, the doctor gave us a discount and just charged us US1150...when I canvassed the rates I got for adults were US500++ (NY); US$400 (PA/MD); P350++ (NJ). So we ended up driving to Connecticut to save few hundred dollars....try to canvass rates as far as 1 hour drive away from you..you might save some and might be able to get a date right away...good luck

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Im in St louis, Missouri Joe. and thanks I will check cities as far as an hour or two to save couple hundred dollars..
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do you think it will be cheaper in small city?
I have couple of city which is less than 100km besides me,
Port Alberni, Victoria, of course Nanaimo has two DM too, in case Nanaimo is full.

departure bay
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Based on the rates that I got from different doctors from different states..it looks like it DB...the smaller the city...the lower the fee...it is really a great idea to check out rates from different doctors.

Also, in canvassing, ask if the charges include all the tests needed, how the mailing will be done and how soon can it be done.

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by CIC conditions DMP is obliged to give you appointment within 10 days upon your request
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I did mine in Australia and it cost around AUD$260. Thats about US$191 or CAD$227
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my doc was booked in buffalo so i went to canada to get my meds done only costed $150 canadian so thats cheap where as the one in buffalo was askin for 350$/ person
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it´s rediculous to know that our own family doctor is also DMP in dallas-TX and he is one of my insurance´s provider physician . i thought i can take advantage by using my insurance yearly general check up for CIC medical requirement (because it´s pretty much the same, Xray, labs, urine, other gen. check ups). unfortunately, no ins. accepted. we are family of 5, it´s gonna cost me alot! if there´s any big difference, i don´t mind driving for hours to save some hundreds of dollar....anyone nearby knows about this?
do they charge the regular price for kids/babies?
I am waiting for my IA, perhaps it´s coming sometime early next year....