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Subject: Temporary working rejected, same everywere?
  My fiance and I are living together here in Canada. He is a citizen from birth and is working at a local grocery store to save money for us (he´s 20 and i´m almost 19). We are saving quite a bit on his close to 40hrs a week, but not nearly enough as we need. Therefore, I tried to get a job at the same place and they were very willing to help me. We filled out the forms for HRSDC approval and sent them off, then after atleast 6 weeks we had no news so they decided to phone up the HRSDC. They told them that the company would have to pay for my staying here and my plane ticket home. So, naturally, they decided not to employ me, because they can probably find someone else to fill the job eventually even though there is a big job shortage in Leduc where I am.

Is this the same everywhere? We are so desperate for money and Leduc is so desperate for employees (Im sure you´ve seen the job shortage on the news) but I can´t work for them? Why would the government be so picky as to not let people that are living with their fiance or spouse get a temporary working job to save up money for their future at a grocery store? At the moment we are feeling a little sinical about our future because we just can´t seem to save enough money. But the canadian government doesn´t help matters. We want to get married next summer in England, but don´t even know if we can afford the cheapest wedding possible, never mind the plane flights.

I want to know if I was try with other businesses then would I get the same reaction?

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If you are in Canada as a visitor there is no possibility for you to work. A work permit application must be carried out from your home country.

There is provisions for a work permit to be issued if you have begun a Permanent Resident sponsorship application but that also requires some hoop jumping and waiting time.

Sorry this is not good news, but the formal immigration process and the formal work permit process is the only options available to you. This is true in any province.

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If you want to keep living together in Canada you´ll have to a) study in Canada or b) get married. You won´t be eligible for a work permit aged 18 as you won´t have enough points and it would take years to get anyway. Depending on where you´re from (I´m guessing the US) you can look into a BUNAC working holiday here (Google it, you´ll see).

By the way, you say you´re saving not nearly enough. What are you saving for? If it´s the fee for permanent residence, I sympathise because it is expensive (although I think you can get an immigration loan from CIC - check their website), but even just paying the rent and having money left over when only one of you is working at presumably minimum wage or close it impressive.

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Thankyou for your replies.

I am in Canada on a temporary visitor status for 6 months, and am close to my 5 month mark. It is possible to apply for a temporary working visa while you are in Canada as I have done a lot of research on it, but not in the way that I would like one. I have already sent off for an extension of my temporary visitor status, about 3 weeks ago, for it to last another 6 months, so that we can get married at the end of that and start the permanent immigration status for me. I hope that that goes through!

I shall research about getting work while I am waiting for my permanent residence sponsorship to go through in the future, thankyou for reminding me of that.

I´m from the UK, so it costs a lot of money to just get back there, so it is terribly hard to save up even that much money with the income we have. it´s a good thing that we have the support of my fiance´s parents though, hopefully they can lend us a bit of money.

We´re saving for: plane tickets to england; getting married (cheapest wedding possible but still it´s expensive); renting somewhere to live (at the mo we´re at his parent´s place); and also to start education in the next few years. It all seems so impossible, but it´s what we want to do. The first two we definitely have to do by next summer. Immigration loan? I shall check that out, thankyou :)

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Hi Mary
I´m just about applying for a LMO at HRSDC wich is now called Services Canada, right? and is interesting to hear about the rejection because of the flight tickets. I wonder wich would be the answer if you got your return ticket already, I do have mine and I´m jus thinking if might be a good idea to send a copy of it with my application. Good luck with everything.

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Good luck with that! Yeah, that would be a great idea probably. Though I was told that they had to sign a contract saying they would pay for my return ticket, and they would pay for my living quarters. It´s crazy that you can´t find it anywhere on the net about that, or I wouldn´t have even bothered.
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