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  How reliable are the answers we get from CIC officers regarding the status of our applications?

I have read many posts where some applicants have found discrepancies between the answers they get from CIC when they inquire about the status of their applications and their CAIPS notes.

Any idea?

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I am totally confused too!
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For the most part, replies from CIC are pretty generic standard replies that give a general non-specific answer to a specific question that requires a detailed response which CIC is unable to provide due to either lack of precision or inadequate process controls and consistancies on their behalf.
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I am confused too
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Although they may be non-specific, I do not think they are misleading. I expect "early 2006" means early 2006. Maybe I am a fool.
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Oh no, I never implied that CIC´s replies are misleading. I´m more or less implying that their replies are non-informative.
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