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Subject: overstayed in canada
  we are here in canada as a visitor for almost seven months. we applied for an extension only days before our stay expires. we are planning to leave canada voluntarily as soon as possible even the decision is not yet made. but we heard that we should wait first for the decision for extension to make sure that we have papers to show in case the immigration will ask about overstaying here. can we leave canada as soon as possible or should we wait for the decision? are there any questions asked by the immigration officials in the airport in case we leave without the extension permit? what are the other consequences in case we leave canada without the extension permit?
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Where are you from and why did you overstay? You will only be granted an extension if you have a good reason to remain in Canada. If you want to wait you can but then get ready to leave in case you are denied. If you leave now you will never know whether you would have been allowed to stay. You won´t be asked question when leaving - after all, they don´t want you in the country if you´ve overstayed! - but they might well ask questions next time you try and enter... so I´d stay and see what happens and if you´re denied, just explain the circumstances next time you enter if you are asked.

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thanks lucy. i´m from an asian country
actually we´re still here in canada arranging some important stuffs and we have no idea how long will it take to be settled. but once all these things were done, we voluntarily want to go back home without any papers with us proving that we actually applied for extension. are there no more questions before leaving or are they going to ask for a written proof that we really applied for extension?

we´re too worried what if we leave immediately without the decision for extension, and problems might occur once we are in the airport.

thank you so much lucy...i know you can help us.

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If you are still in Canada, you need not to worry about for leaving the country. You can leave immediately as you have already applied for the extension, so you can just show the papers of extnesion if they ask you anything.
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hi I also have the problem, but mine is different, i overstayed bcoz i didnt renew my extention before my 90days expiration date, my question is, will it gives me problem exiting to another country with a valid visa ? im from taiwan, canada wants me to leave bcoz i lost my status, but my family in australia want to sponsor me to come visit them prior to my exit from canada?what is the circumstances i am expecting? please help

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hi,my name is steve.i have overstayed in canada for a longtime, my girlfriend is canadian, she is pregnant,and we love eachother. I cant go back home,cause my mom and dad had died,and i came to canada to have a good life,cause i was prommise that when i came here to visit. That. i would get sponsed,and i did not, because no one seem´s to care.I dearly want to become a Canadian citizen and i want to be a part of Canada,being a soon to be father husband and to hopefully get employment as a welder,witch i have 18 years experience in.please help,thank you
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hello. i have an issue regarding to overstaying and would really appreciate if anyone has any insights. i´m alone in this and i want to take action quickly as this is no joke.

i have a PR application for canada being processed in the US. my work visa expired on june 17 2011 and i applied for a visitor´s visa. i finally received the tourist visa on june 29 2011 but it had the same expiration date as the former work visa. I basically received my tourist visa on the mail already expired!!! so i applied for a restoration of status on july 22 2011 (i understand that one can apply for a restoration of status within 90 days of having no status).

So i have basically been overstaying in canada since the 29 of june 2011, more than two months now!

What do I do? Should I wait for a response from the "restoration of status" application? Should I leave the country now?

I DO NOT WANT TO JEOPARDIZE MY APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE!!! i am really close to receive the final decision from immigration about the PR. i already have my AOR and already sent all documents (medicals and security checks). This is worth an investment of 9 years time, over $100k, and the opportunity cost of being away from father, mother, brother and sister.

i really appreciate any help. thanks.

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hi i have overstayed my tourist visa by nearly 1 year now and plan to apply for a spousal sponsorship visa so i can remain in canada will i be affected

i have also been working illegally paying taxes for over 2 years will this affect an application

im a british national and have been with my canadian girlfriend for nearly 3 years

please advise me

thank you

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