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Subject: ilets seond time
  i took ilets once and then i get 7 in reading and 6 in the rest of bands after three months i took it again and i got 8 in lestining , 7 in speaking, and 6.5 in reading ,6 in writing so can i apply as i take the best score of each band in the two tests (8 lestining, 7 speaking,7 reading,6 writing )? or i can only take the last test only
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should be latest if i were the officer.
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If I were you I would take IELTS again and try and get 7 in all the sections.
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If you can secure 67 points now, go ahead and apply as if the passmark raised your case will be jeopardaised.


Romantic Warrior
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the problem if i took into account only the latest test i will only get 66 point , do you think i should apply and leave it to the visa officer?
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it wouldn´t be worth it if i were you because the cost of applying is expensive to take the risks. Not unless you have a lot of money to spare ;)
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NOOO never apply unless you take the assessment on CIC web site. In my case CIC asked that I should submit assessment sheet from CIC web site and you should at least score 67. Submit the higest IELTS score not the lateset one as long as it is within a year.

Best luck

Romantic Warrior
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