questions on caips! :(

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Subject: questions on caips! :(
  My husband and I applied from Buffalo in September 2003.we got AOR in oct2003 & we did our medical and paid the RPRF in June 2004 .In Oct2004, the CIC asked us for some docs.Last month I ordered caips notes and recently I received the results. Here are the results:
Meanwhile there is 1 for SEC for both of us and there is nothing below CRIM and our medical status is M01.
I have couple of questions and I really appreciate if you could answer them.
?What does BDEC 1 mean? Does it mean our background check is done? If yes , why there is nothing below CRIM?
?Do you know what is a possible reason why our MEDEC is 0 while our medical status is M01?
?There is a part I couldn?t decode:
SA valid until Jan 2005

Thank you very much for your help,

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BDEC 1 is pass!!! good for you!!!

I don´t know 0 for medc

departure bay
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Hi PI,

What is the BF´d on your CAIPS notes?

Everything seems to be fine in your case. Background and security checks are cleared. You have also cleared the medical (M01).

When the immigration official finally reviews the case and sends you the passport request your MEDEC and FIN DEC will be 1.

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The first one is Pass !
second one (selection decision) : waived !
Third : pass
the last three means no decision has been made yet on other requiremnets , medicals and final decision.
The good thing is you passed your background check, as it seems to me. You are done from the biggest step.

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thank youuuuuuuuuu so much,these are really good news! but the only problem is the date for background check is june 2005,and it seems they did nothing on our case during past months. the BF´d is 24 october u have any idea howlong will it take to get PRR request?

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did u send an e-mail to Buffalo about ur status?
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not email.but too many faxes,I got 2 letters from buffalo during last 6 months which said we´re sill in background check which it seems we were done in june!!!the last one was in october and they told us they cannot gurantee any timeframe our application to finalize.(not even early 2006 which I saw in some messegers in this forum!)
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I am looking for the CAIPS address .Where should I post all the necessary forms to get CAIPS notes?I would appreciate a lot if someone give it to me.
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