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Subject: Sept. 26 family class
Have any of the other sept 26 family class applicants finished the sponsorship stage?

I am still in progress....

Shawn Aloisio
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Your question is way too vague. Do you mean for spousal/common law inland family class? Outside Canada? Where are you from? Take a look at the processing times on CIC (Google processing times CIC) and you´ll see where they are up to.

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No my question is posted to a very specific set ofpeople that know what I mean.

There are 4 other people on this forum that applied the same day as me, I haven´t seen them post in quite some time, if they were still around they would have responded.

Thanks for your responce though.

To Shawn regarding Sept 26 (in reply to: Sept. 26 family class)
Hi Shawn

I was one of those people, I HOPE u are referring to, regarding family class sponsorship recvd Sept 26th. My Canadian hubby recvd notice about one month later,(which was right on target with their time frames posted on the website)that my files was sent to Buffalo. I got notification from the Buffalo office, that my application was received along with file #, on Nov. 3rd.
How bout you?


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Jacer, nothing on mine. still in sponsorship, I recieved an AOR from CICM and since then nothing.
To Shawn (in reply to: Sept. 26 family class)
Hi Shawn,

Hmmmm......Having never gone thru this type of thing before, I´m not sure what to say. When did u get your AOR???? And where is your significant other from? The only correspondance we got was the letter from the Missausauga office, about 30 days after we sent our paperwork in, then, about a week later, I got my letter from the Buffalo office with my file number, etc.
For us, we sent in loads of "proof" of our relationship---I thought it was better to be "safe than sorry". Time is of the essence for us, or I will have to redo my medical exam again, which cost abou $900 for 3 of us!
Let me know how things are going. GOOD LUCK!!!



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