CAIPS notes - should get it?

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Subject: CAIPS notes - should get it?

First of all thanks for help from all of you on the immigration matter.

Need to clear some confusion. Does ordering CAIPS notes hurt the application process or interview? Once we get notes, Visa processing people will come to know that I ordered, and know the issues with the application. Does this make interview tough or creates any other problem with the case?

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance.



Raj K
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I don´t think getting CAIPS notes delays the process. And if anything it makes it easier for you to prepare for the interview because the CAIPS notes consist of the reason why you are being interviewed amongst other things. That way you can have additional documentation prepared before you go for the interview.

Hope this helps ...good luck!

RE; REFUSAL OF WORK VISA (in reply to: CAIPS notes - should get it?)
I am software professionalin India. I got job offer from Canadian Employer without HRDC validation(for reason of exemption in my case)I applied for work visa but it was rejected saying Job offer not genuine. Employer then got HRDC validation, sent new agreement and job offer. Again I applied for work visa with all requisite papers and it was again rejected saying I got job letter just to enter Canada. What should I do now and how can I get CAIPS notes on my file. I consider I am fully qalified but am wronged. Thenks

Himmat Singh Dhaliwal
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