Can i immigrate to canada?

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Subject: Can i immigrate to canada?
  I completed my Bachelor of science in computer science from u.s.a and currently completing my masters in computer science (Graduating may/ 2005). I have been working as a part time webmaster (20 hours per week and some times more during summer)Also I worked 3 months 20hrs/week contract for building a website too. I have been living in u.s.a. for 6+ years and studying all 6+ years. I am 26 years old.

What is my possibilities of immigrating as a skilled worker?
Do i need to take IELTS?
Am i gonna get 25 points for education?
I also worked 7/6 months parttime for my friends ecommerce websites but he paid me cash money. So i don´t have proof of paycheck.But i can get a letter from him.

Please reply me if you can tell me am i eligible or not.
Thanks and good luck to all of you.

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I forgot to mention I am completing my masters in computer science from u.s.a as well.

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Difficult question buddy. Unless the Officer is considering your GAINFUL employment things looks difficult. prepare well to show documents on employment, paystubs etc. bests.
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I have exactly the same case as you including number of years in school and the US and major and graduation date from master degree. Man, when I have read you question it seemed like it was me asking a question 4 month ago:) I submitted my application 4 month ago. I hope it will go successful, however I do not know yet. I was approved by law firm that does my case. I think you and me have a chance otherwise law firm would not take my case since they are not interested in wasting time because I am getting refund in case of rejection.
To answer your questions:
No you do not have to take IELTS if you show that you had you school in English.
Any proof of work will be good but it depends how the officer will take it.
If you have a girlfriend you have been with more than 1 year, sheers up, you can add her to the application as common law partner and obtain 3 more points. Anyway, have any questions you can e-mal me at or cal me at 2679871001

Good luck

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As an applicant under the skilled worker route, be sure to establish at least one year of full time work experience. Complement this with supporting docs such employment certs, contracts, payslips and income tax-related papers. Also visit the CIC website for more info:

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