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Subject: Some Questions from Saudi Arabia
  Dear All,

My name is IMRAN and i just applied for permanent residence from Saudi Arabia and have some question from you guys, hope you will help me...

1- last month(7 october) i received my AOR, how long it will take to start processing of my application(which sent from Saudi Arabia) as i tried to check from the website, it gives me this message

"We were not able to identify you using the information you provided. There could be three possible reasons:
Please be sure the information you entered is correct and then try again.
This service is only available to clients with applications in process. We may have received your application but not begun processing it yet"

i am 100% sure there is no mistake as far as the my information is concern which are file no, surename/last name and date of birth with the same format.

2- second question is i heard,new cases from Saudi Arabia are not taking too much time as it was before....(mostly dealyed cause of 911.....any idea or comments

Thanks in advance.

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Salam Imran
If u got your AOR, that means you can check your status online which will be in process for at least 3 years. I´m sure u did a mistake when providing your information mostly your nick name.

Nobody can assure you the process it depends in so many factors but u must be sure u submitted a complete and accurate file.

Best luck

Romantic Warrior
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Thanks Warrior...No dear i am 100% sure i am writting the correct information....i have scaned all the documents before sending to london office and there is no posibilty that i am mistaken.

Atleast 3 years...hmmmmm too long.. and rest of the application was submitted complete and accurate.

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Hi Imran,

It takes them some time to update their system so you can try to logon in a couple of days. But dont worry too much about the e-Client as it does not provide any information.

The processing time is going to increase in the future because of the settlement cases - 130,000 of previously frozen pre-2002 applications have been thrown back into processing and half of them (including all 1999 and earlier) must be completed by middle of 2006, all 2000 cases completed by middle of 2007 and all 2001 applications must be completed by the end of 2008. Read Article 3c here for details:

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