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Subject: Landing in Mid December
  I will be landing in Mid December. After studying the letter that came with my visa and landing paper, etc., I know the most essential documents include passport, visa, landing paper, proof of funding, goods to follow / import list. Could someone tell me if I am missing anything? Thank you so much!
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I guess nothing more is needed just let the immigration officer the fundings- cash you are taking with you into canada, (proof of transfer fundings as bank notes or in cash )

By the way just curiousity since you got the visa do you mind if I ask you the expire date of your passport and until when do you have to land in canada ?Thanks

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Thanks "Instructor"! My visa expires Feb. 09, 2006.
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you will not see the best of Canada at that time of the year.
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Hi Anonymous (125.52.121)

Try this link about landing documents..

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