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Subject: Medical results unknown
  i haven´t got any advice from the canadian embassy for two months now after receiving my medical results. I don´t know if they have anything to be concerned about my health.
ROPR fee was paid a week in earlier of my medical exam and the check was negotiated just 3 days after the embassy received my medical results. Since then, no new advice from them except that i have to get police clearances from FBI and the states that i have lived for more than six months.
Do i have a reason to worry about the results of my medical? Your thoughts will be hightly appreciated. Thanks.

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Our Medicals took exactly 3 months from the time DMP submitted to Ottawa, I remember reading in this forum that it could take minimum 3-4 months ,,,ususlly if u dont hear anything negetive within the first 90 days u shd assume that it went ok

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I think it is stated in the accompanying letter of the medical intructions that you have to wait for 3-6 months before your application will be finalized. Just hold on. You´re almost there.
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You don´t have to worry about your medicals. Since CIC requested you to submit update police clearances then there is a strong possibility that they are undergoing more background/security checks. Btw, have you been staying in other countries for more than six months? This could also contribute to further delays on your b/s checks. If possible pls share your timeline.
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