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Subject: Islamabad timeline
Any body knows how long Islamabad usually takes after Medicals.
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Hi Irfan,

I don´t know how long you will wait after medical but you can give me an idea. Following are my time line:

I had applied for Canadian immigration since March 2001 from Islamabad as Computer Programmer

29/03/2001 Application Submitted
13/04/2001 AOR Received
20/09/2003 Letter received of Updated Forms and IELTS
09/03/2004 Documents Submitted
15/03/2004 Letter received for updated proof of funds and original education documents
24/03/2004 Documents submitted
17/05/2004 All original education documents have been received with their covering letter stating that "selection interview is necessary before your application can be processed further. You shall be inform in writing of the date and time of your interview".

Since that I?m waiting for my interview call................

If you would give me an idea plz

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Hi Amir,
Guess you are the same guy, I met on forum.
Well dear there is nothing you do but wait for interview call, I know quite a few guys who applied in 2001 and got similiar letter of "interview required". I dont know how many points you got, I guess applicants who scored 70 or more points, i:e passing marks for both old and new selection criteria got waiver. But still its only a guess. I recommend you go for the "CAIPS" notes, it will give idea about what remarks the Immigration Officer has written on your file, and the reason why he thinks the interview is required, also you can get some idea about the interview date. This will help you to prepare for the interview. I feel they are now finishing up fast with 2001 applicants so you maybe getting some response real soon.
Wish you best of luck and keep your sprits high

PASSPORT REQUEST (in reply to: Islamabad timeline)
I have done my medical on September 19, 2009 and reached at New Delhi on 23-09-2009. What further time is required for my passport request and RPRF.




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