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Subject: Waiting for Scheduled Interview Date
  Hi Friends,
I have applied for canada immigration in August 2001 and in this March 2004, I received a letter from canada immigration that an interview is required in my case and they will inform about interview date later.

But as it is already six months passed after receiving this letter, I still not have got any interview date from canadaian high commission.

So is there any way to inquire for this ?
What is the time that they take to declare scheduled interview date ?
After an interview, How many months do they require to complete all visa processes ?

Pls reply this as i am waiting for interview date very eagerly since last six months and i m not able to plan furthur due to this.
Thanks in advance

nirav parekh
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Which CIC office did you apply to?? U can send them a fax to inquire or order your CAIPS FILE to double check why your file took that long.

Best luck

Romantic Warrior
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Some center takes as long as one year to get an interview.

Would you please kindly tell us which center do you applied for? and your timeline?

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Hi Guys,

I had applied for Canadian immigration since March 2001 from Islamabad as Computer Programmer. Following are the details:

29/03/2001 Application Submitted
13/04/2001 AOR Received
20/09/2003 Letter received of Updated Forms and IELTS
09/03/2004 Documents Submitted
15/03/2004 Letter received for updated proof of funds and original education documents
24/03/2004 Documents submitted
17/05/2004 All original education documents have been received with their covering letter stating that "selection interview is necessary before your application can be processed further. You shall be inform in writing of the date and time of your interview".

Since that I?m waiting for my interview call................

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You need to check the interview queue of the center you applied to. I heard NY center can takes one year just to wait for the interview. If your waiting time already passes the waiting queue of your center, inquiry them or order CAIPS notes might help.
Waiting for an Interview Date (in reply to: Waiting for Scheduled Interview Date)
Dear Friends,
I have applied at New Delhi, India office.
As at present I am staying at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Can you pls tell me what should i do to get or to inquire about this inquiry date ?
As i already have received that letter in March, 2004.

Also tell me what is CAIPS ?
And Is there any way that i can know my scheduled interview date ? As I applied in August 2001, 3 years are already passed as per Canadian Immigration rules, so i can inquire now as what i have read on the site.
Pls guide me.
Thanks in advance.

Waiting for Scheduled interview date (in reply to: Waiting for Scheduled Interview Date)
Dear Friends,
I also sent fax for this inquiry twice at this office but i still have not received any response.
Pls guide me.

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