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Subject: photos
  your family members included in your application, whether they will be accompanying
you or not. The required number of photos for each individual is indicated at Appendix A,
under PHOTOS. Photos must comply with specifications given at Appendix C, Photo
Specifications. Make sure you give a copy of these specifications to the photographer.
? On the back of one photo (and only one) in each set, write the name and date of birth
of the person appearing in the photo as well as the date the photo was taken.
? Enclose each set of photos in separate envelopes. Write the family member?s name,
date of birth and relationship to you on the corresponding envelope and close the
envelope with a paper clip.
? Photos must not be stapled, scratched, bent or bear any ink marks.
Note that the visa office may also require additional photos at a later date. Ok what does this mean. I have a son who is 7 months old and lives in canada with my wife. do i need photos of them too? Also do i need photos of my dad and mom and siblings?

Ryan S.
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You dont need photos of your mom and dad. But you have to submit photos of your wife and son no matter where they are.

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I assume you are being sponsored by your wife and therefore she does not need to include immigration pictures for her. I sponsored my husband and did not include immigration picture for myself.

Have you wife call CIC about providing pictures for your son, as your son is already a Canadian Citizen and will not need to be sponsored in the future and might not need immigration pictures.

NOTE on form IMM0008 Generic is states:
You must include your spouse or common-law partner,if applicable, and all of your dependent children, and those of your spouse or common-law partner, WHO ARE NOT ALREADY PERMANENT RESIDENTS OR CITIZENS OF CANADA.

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If your wife and son are PR or citizens you do not need immigration pictures for them.
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i had an application sent back because i did not include pictures of my canadian wife and daughter. It may depend on the officer looking at your case. To be on the safe side and to avoid your application being sent back I would put in the photos of them.
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