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Subject: Purchase a house in Canada
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I´ll plan to land to Canada sooner after my application will be approved. I am wondering if I need to purchase a small home, do I have problem of getting financing of mortage cause I will not yet has a job by the time arriving and I do not have any Canada Credit History either. Any advise with past experiences? Thanks in advance.....

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Banks do not know you, so you will have to land there and then talk to bankers. It is possible but perhaps NOT going to be easy.

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It may be difficult to buy a house in Canada with no Canadian credit history and no job. It depends on the cash down you intend to put, the price of acquisition and the market value of the house. For reliable information on the Canadian real estate market, you may consult the following link:




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If you carry a quarter million bucks with ya, you sure can buy a small house away from the big cities and have a whole lot of money left to live on, while you go looking for jobs. But then, if you find a job two valleys down the road, what ya gonna do? sell the house, and move?
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