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Subject: whitch methode
  Hello, Im from New-Brunswick and last june I went to France and fallen in love with the best girl in the worl. Now we want to be together. The little probleme is tath we ve been together for only 4 months. But be sure tath we are sure tath we want to be together. She stayed with me for the summer and every body is waiting for her return.
I have a good job and my family is very happy to have known her,

Also, she s in her 5ft year to become a doctor, knows 7 languages (french/english/chinese/german/ and she theached in a business university, Japanese and Italian), she also can be a chef.

Will she be able to study medecine here and how.

Whitch methode would be the best to use, study visa, work visa, partnership visa (that s wath we want), we are working hard but we disapointed of the result of our hard work. Running in circles.

Any taxes on her personal things, normal things, clothes, sofa, table, dishes, ect, if it comes by container.

I need a little help I think,
Tank you very much for the feedback.
Have a great day.

Serge Robichaud
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