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Hi friends

What is CAIPS file?


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CAIPS is a short form for - "Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System".

This is a computerized system which keeps track of each and every file submitted through the worldwide network of CIC offices. This system records every bit of information you provide. It is like an electronic identity; existence of the applicant.

This is very helpful when anything abnormal like - delay in reply, lack of updation, taking long time in processing happens! It is also helpful when you are selected for the interview. You can know the probable cause of interview requirement by obtaining the CAIPS notes.

In brief, CAIPS notes is an electronic record of your file and contents of the file.

You can browse or hit this link in your browser:

Hope this helps.

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thanks sanrup, but can u please tell me how as an applicant I can use it?
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Well, after getting your CAIPS notes, you can figure out what´s goin´ on with your file.

All the basic info you can get through the link I posted previously.


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