finally PP request- early 2006

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Subject: finally PP request- early 2006
  Hi everyone

Finally I got PPR as a member of early 2006 club. Here is my time line

Application: March?2001
File Opened: May?2001
Interview call: Jan?2005
[Advised to send back IELTS Score within 19 days. I did it within 12 days having score 6 [5.5, 6, 6 6.5]

Medical and ROLF request : Mar?05
I did : May?05
PPR : Sep?05
Passport back : Sep?05 without visa but a letter regarding quota and early 2006
Sep?05 to Dec?05 : Really Frustrated

18 Dec?05 : PPR for visa

I think every one of early 2006 club will get a positive result by this month.

I like to special thanks to Mr. Sharon. He is really a good person. He advised me in September ?Don?t worry u will get it but you have to wait?. I don?t know who is Sharon but I like to give him special Christmas and Eid Mubark. I am requesting Sharon, Please this is my email?

I was engaged here with a good job in here but I lost it in September. I know to arrange a job in Canada very tough but I hope I will get, if I try. The best thing is patient. For a finalization I had to wait 5 years.

If anyone has any interest about my timeline experience, I am ready to share it.


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Where did you submit your application?

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Hmmm. I guess Buffalo is the only one waiting now that we are hearing news from China, Delhi and London.
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