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Subject: FBI PCC from New Delhi
  Hi Folks,

I was in US (4 years) & now in India - applying from New Delhi. What address should I send the PCC letter for FBI clearance? My agent has told me this address/process -

1. Write a letter for FBI clearance to the address as given below:

Criminal Justice
Information & Service Division
Room No. 10104
10th St Nw At Pennsylvania Ave Nw
Washington, DC, 20537

2. Letter should request criminal check for Canadian Immigration Purpose.

3. FBI will send Blank Finger Print documents.

4. Finger prints to be done by local authorities, Police Commissioner and sent back to FBI with money order Cheque for US$ 18 payable to US Treasury.

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You can download the FBI fringerprint card directly from their web site. My wife and I did our oun fingerprinting - fun, but harder than it looks. Have a couple of copies for practice. Fill out the forms as the instructions indicate and send them off with your money order. Ours took two months.
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