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Subject: Obtaining PR card
  Hi all,

I am currently in US working on H1 Visa. I have got my canadian immigrant visa stamped in my passport. It is valid till this year end.

I am not ready to move to Canada immediately, probably after a year or two. But i know that I have to land in canada for getting my PR card. How long do I need to stay in canada to get the PR card and return back to US ? Can i just land in Canada and give a US address for them to send the PR card to the US address ? Is that possible ?

Any help on this issue will be appretiated.



Great Idea (in reply to: Obtaining PR card)
When you land you should give an address for them to send PR Card. They will send within 4 weeks. Sometimes they might say to come personally. You will be provided single entry visa for Immigration. If you leave before you get PR Card then what ? Pls check before you take any step.

Idea is great but if the immigration office asks you to come and collect it personally Then what ?

Cdn address required for PR card (in reply to: Obtaining PR card)
You need to provide a cdn address for PR card to be delievered
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