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Subject: Adding spouse to application
  I had received the PR for my application. I then added my spouse to my application. I received forms and medical request for my spouse which we sent along with her medical on Aug 2005. I haven´t heard back anything since then. My medical expires in two months.
Should I call the immigration office to find out the status ? Not sure what to do as I should have received a response by now.

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was your spouse not on your original application?...I thought they couldn´t come with if they weren´t orignally stated in your PR application... unless there are different circumstances for certain applications...

I would call the call centre and see what you can find out!


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Ejspet - Applicants can add a spouse or baby anytime during the application is being processed - there is no restriction.

AMK - Medical is just a part of the process. Your spouse will have to undergo the background and security checks. You will get passport request only after your spouse clears the medical, background and security checks.

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Does anyone know how I can contact the call center? I´m in the US
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